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Daughter of Jasper Wright (q.v.), recorded as working in her father’s studio in the 1911 census.

WRIGHT, Frederick, Naomi and Percival

Frederick Wright, his wife, Naomi, and his son, Percival, traded under the name ‘The Don’. Their own names appeared in a series of trade directories, but their portraits and postcards were labelled either ‘The Don’ or ‘7 Broad Street’ (or, sometimes, both). This may have been to distinguish them from the studio of Jasper Wright (q.v.), to whom they were apparently in no way connected.

Frederick was born in Wisbech to parents originating from Lincolnshire, and he had spent some of his early years in Canada, working as a labourer and carpenter.  Percival was born in Canada, and Naomi was Frederick’s second wife, whom he married in 1897, after his return to England. By 1901 he was working as a photographer in Long Sutton.

Frederick’s name didn’t appear in a trade directory until 1916, but it seems likely that he was the studio’s main photographer throughout its existence. He was identified again as a photographer in the 1911 census, while Percival was listed as a carman (despite the studio appearing in his name in 1908 and 1912 trade directories).

Trade directory evidence:

as WRIGHT, Frederick

7 Broad Street, Lynn

KN1916, AN1916

as WRIGHT, Mrs N

7 Broad Street, Lynn


as WRIGHT, Percival Frank

7 Broad Street, Lynn

KN1908, KN1912

WRIGHT, George 

Son of Jasper Wright (below), and recorded as working in his father’s studio in the 1911 census. Since his brothers can be otherwise accounted for, he must have continued in the business and become the ‘& Son’ mentioned in Jasper Wright’s trade directory entries of 1922 to 1928.

WRIGHT, Jasper James

The son of Robert Wright (q,v.), Jasper Wright was born in Lynn in the early 1860s and learnt his trade in his father’s studio. The 1881 census shows him in charge of the studio during his father’s absence; he was formally taken into the business (‘Robert Wright & Son’) at some point in the first half of the 1880s; and the studio was being run in his own name by 1886. He married Emma Purdy in 1885, retired c1932, and died in 1940. He was also a gifted and versatile musician.

(For non-family employees, see Bouch, Ernest; Hammond, Margaret; Porter, Florence; Reeve, Lewis; Speight, James; Turner, Mr [2]).

Trade directory evidence:

London Road, Lynn

TC1901, AN1916

125 London Road, Lynn, (East Anglian Studios)

LNA1887, LNA1888, KN1888, LNA1889, WN1890, KN1892, TAL1895, KN1896, LR1896, LR1897, LR1898, LR1899, KN1900 LR1900, LR1901, KN1904, SL1904, SL1905, KN1908, SL1909, SL1910, SL1912, KN1912, SL1913, SL1914, SL1915, KN1916, KN 1922*, KN 1925*, KL 1928*, KN 1929, KL 1930/31, TC 1932

126 London Road, Lynn

KN1896, KN1900, TL1901, KN1904, KN1908, KN1912, KN1916, KN 1922*, KN1925*, KL 1928*, KN 1929, KL 1930/31

Station Road (opposite the Bell Inn), Fakenham

LNA1887, LNA1888, LNA1889, TAL1895, LR1898, LR1899, LR1900, TC1901, LR1901, KN1904, KN1908

Norwich Road, Fakenham

KN1896, KN1900


SL1904, SL1905, SL1905, SL1909

Opposite the Corn Exchange, Long Sutton, Lincs


Bennett Street, Downham


Market Place, Swaffham

LR1898, LR1899, KN1900, LR1900, LR1901, KN1904


SL1904, SL1905

Esplanade, Hunstanton

KN1900 KN1904

The Pier, Hunstanton

LR1900, LR1901


SL1904, SL1905

Wisbech, Cambs (opposite Selwyn Hall)

SL1904, SL1905, SL1909

* ‘& Son’ (probably George)

The less precise addresses (such as Fakenham and London Road, Lynn) refer to the same studios as are more precisely located in other directories. Not all studios operated on a full-time basis: Hunstanton’s Pier Studio is listed on both occasions as open ‘during the season’, and KN1900 and KN1904 append ‘attends Saturdays’ to the Swaffham entry. Lynn’s 126 London Road address was an extension to the studio at number 125 rather than a separate operation.

A photographic mount that’s unlikely to date from later than 1884 (the year of death of the child depicted) provides reasonably strong evidence of studios at Fakenham and Long Sutton some years earlier than indicated by trade directories. (The reprinting of an earlier negative cannot be wholly discounted.)


Recorded in the 1881 census as a photographer, aged 15, born in London, and staying at Catherine Cozens’ Temperance Hotel. Presumably, given his age, somebody’s assistant.

He originated from London rather than Norfolk, and no evidence has been found to connect him with the town’s other photographers bearing the same surname.

WRIGHT, Robert

Father of Jasper James Wright (above). He worked at various trades over the years (coal porter, butcher, general shopkeeper), and is thought to have introduced photography to his shop c 1863-64. He had moved his shop and studio to London Road by the time of the 1871 census. By 1886 he had retired, passing the studio over to his son Jasper James Wright (above). (Mounts marked ‘Wright & Son’ date from some time within the period 1881 to 1886.)

Trade directory evidence:

Providence Street, Lynn

KN1865, HN1868, KN1869

125 London Road, Lynn

HN1872, KN1875, HN1877, KN1879, WN1883, KN1883

WRIGHT, Robert William Handel

Son of Jasper Wright (above), recorded as working in his father’s studio in the 1911 census. Known as Handel and sharing his father’s talent, he went on to pursue a musical career.


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