King’s Lynn Directory: H-J



HALL, John Henry

Hall, a former tobacco pipe manufacturer, was recorded as photographer at 4 London Road in the 1891 census. The studio had already changed hands a number of times. E B Mowll (q.v.) had worked there for most of the 1880s, and he was succeeded by Charles Weale (q.v.) in about 1890. Mounts have been found printed for Weale and overprinted ‘John Henry Hall’. These must date from the very beginning of the decade, when Hall was using up an inherited stock of mounts. Slightly later mounts are printed ‘Jno Hy Hall, late Chas E Weale’. But in LNA1892 the business is referred to as ‘J H Hall, (late E B Mowell)’. Hall had presumably decided he could trade more effectively on the goodwill aroused by the earlier – though misspelled– photographer.

The date of Hall’s quitting the studio is not known, but by 1894 his successor, Hewitt (q.v.), had come and gone, and the studio was already home to its next occupant, T Smith & Sons (q.v.)

Trade directory evidence:

4 London Road, Lynn

LNA1891, KN1892, LNA1892

HAMMOND, Margaret

Assistant to Jasper James Wright (q.v.). She is mentioned in the 1898-1900 diary of James Speight (q.v.) and is recorded in the 1901 census as a photographer living in Boal Street, King’s Lynn.


Brother-in-law to John William Smith of T Smith & Sons (q.v.), boarding with him in King’s Lynn in the 1891 census, and described as ‘photographer’s assistant’.


An advertisement by T Smith & Sons in the King’s Lynn Red Book for 1895 announces that the firm has taken over the studio at 4 London Road, and mentions Hewitt as the most recent previous occupant. This means Hewitt was in the studio between Hall and Smith and gives a dating of not earlier than 1892 and not later than 1894.

A surviving carte mount mentions that Hewitt had previously worked for H P Robinson & Son of Redhill. (The Redhill studio had been opened in 1888 by H P Robinson’s son, Ralph.) 


In 1867 a Mr Hunt erected a photographic studio (address unknown) that failed to comply with the regulations of the town’s paving commissioners.

JENNINGS, Alexander

Living with his mother in Wood Street in 1871, Jennings was described in the census as ‘photographer’. If he had his own business in Lynn, no other record of it has been found, though he did later run his own studios in Skipton and Keighley, and possibly in Bingley and Burnley.

JEWSON, Alfred E

Born in Camberwell in 1889, he returned with his mother to her native town at some time after his father’s death in 1895. By the time of the 1911 census he was describing himself as a ‘commercial photographer’ and working from the family home at 20 King Street, premises he soon after referred to as ‘Jewson’s Photographic Works’. He also briefly opened a High Street shop in the early 1930s. A prolific publisher of postcard views and recorder of local events, he continued in business many years beyond the scope of this directory and was still active in the late 1930s.

One Jewson photograph, dating from the1930s and showing two girls in an indoor location, is the only evidence so far found of studio work. It presumably originates from the High Street shop.

Trade directory evidence:


20 King Street, Lynn

KN1912, KN1916, KN 1922, KN 1925, KL 1928, KN 1929, KL 1930/31, TC 1932, KL 1932/33, KL 1938/39

18 King Street, Lynn

KN 1933, KN 1937

18 & 20 King Street, Lynn

KL 1934/35, KL 1936/37

JEWSON’s Photographic Works

King Street, Lynn


118 High Street

KL 1930/31 

JULYAN, Frederick George

Partner in Ralph & Julyan (q.v.), St John’s Terrace – a business believed to have been active some time between 1895 and 1899.  Julyan’s early years remain undocumented, but he went on to run his own studio in Orpington (by 1904).


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