King’s Lynn Directory: K-L


KELLY, George

Assistant to Professor Laurence (q,v,) and believed to have been with him at the Mart in 1862.

KERRY, Messrs

Itinerant daguerreotypists who ran a studio in St James’ Street from mid-August to early September 1851. (They may have returned for a period in 1852, but the evidence is open to question.) It seems likely that they were the R & W Kerry who were itinerant silhouettists and portrait painters in the 1840s, and who worked as (apparently) calotype photographers in Leamington Spa in 1853. 

KING’S LYNN Photographic Co

This was the former studio of Edwin Bullock, acquired by Wallis & Manders (q.v.) in November 1877, rebranded, and run under the management of Wallis as an up-market branch of their Blackfriars Street Studio. Manders (q.v.) had moved on by the beginning of 1881, and Wallis (q.v.) left the town a few months later.

Trade directory evidence:

4 London Road, Lynn*


*‘Christopher Wallis, manager’


Itinerant photographer, believed to have been present at the Mart in 1862.

LINAY, Thomas

Recorded by the 1871 census as a photographer’s assistant, aged 37, living in Blackfriars Street, King’s Lynn. It is not known in which studio he was employed.

LOCK, William M

Identified as photographer in the 1901 census, living on the premises of his father, also William, a fruit and fish seller.

Trade directory evidence:

117 Norfolk Street, Lynn



Logsdail was born in Lincoln in 1857, qualified as a chemist in his early twenties, and took over the chemist’s shop at 69 High Street in the late 1880s. In the early 1900s, with the rise of the postcard, he saw the opportunities offered by photographic publishing. It is not clear whether he took all of his own pictures or whether he employed others to take some. Either way, whether as photographer or commissioner of photographs, his output was enterprising, extensive and varied. He was active from, at the latest, 1906. Though his chemist’s shop lasted until the 1930s, it is not clear how long he continued as a photographic publisher. (The Norfolk Library and Information Service records him as most active in photography c.1900-1910 and still publishing well into the 1920s.)


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